Alex Cornell's Breakthrough (via PA Press) began as a post on ISO50 a couple years ago. Now, in printed form, it's a series of inspirational, mostly helpful, and sometimes weird blurbs/suggestions from various creative professionals- including Christoph Niemann, Paula Scher, and author Douglas Rushkoff. This is definitely an awesome book to have around for those moments when you're completely unable to get past a debilitating creative block.

Marnich Associates's annual report for the Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona (Barcelona Food Bank) is pretty amazing.

These awesome invitations were designed by Marnich Associates for the opening of Bottega Veneta's flagship store in Barcelona.

The invitation 's sliced up elements take inspiration from the classic braid of the brand’s famous handbags.

This laser-cut business card for Lopes Brenna Architetti from FEB Design and FIBA Design is pretty amazing.

Marnich Associates is a design and "communication consultancy" (awesome semantics) based in Barcelona that is producció d'un treball bell. They've got some really great stuff going on in their portfoio and their site design is great too. Check them out for some mind-expanding visual inspiration.

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