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photos via Buro Reng

Buro Reng did some amazing identity work for a symposium put together by the Dutch organization Het Poorjte. I'm especially liking the handwritten permanent marker over the structured sans-serif. The scribble-like writing brings a personal touch to an otherwise cold identity system. Buro Reng is Pascal Rumph & Hans Gerritsen. Check out their portfolio for more awesome work.
The Warefare of Deception is a conceptual piece by Neuarmy (Ryan Katrina, a multidisciplinary creative working in print, interactive, illustration, screen printing, painting, graffiti, photography, typography, and identity)

It consists of 6 sections: Survival, Objective, Protocol, Safety, First Aid, and Communication

These are 12″x18″ prints on generic brown school paper using archival inks.
Individual prints are available at Neusprint.

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